Apryle Showers Run - Florida's Fastest 10K and Kids Fun Run

Ponte Vedra, FL

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Top Individuals

Albie MacDonald $3,400.00
Jonathan Fleetwood $2,760.00
Greg Weitz $1,475.00
Todd Osterbur $1,450.00
Brian Dean $1,035.00
Ryan Harrison $220.00
Heather Harding $200.00
Dan costello $150.00
Stephanie kaul $50.00
John Smith $30.00

Top Teams

Greg Weitz

The Apryle Showers Foundation (ASF) is a Florida 501C3 non profit organization serving individuals, ages 30-55, currently undergoing treatment for cancer in Northeast Florida. ASF offers services that help foster hope, healing, restoration and peace to people fighting for their lives.

By participating as a member of Apryle's Army I am raising funds to support the mssion of the ASF. Your donation will help provide beneficiaries with a 2-3 day stay at a beachfront/waterfront (hotel or rental) property; complete with meals, a gift basket and a variety of relaxation or personal care items. They can choose time with their families or time alone based on the needs of the beneficiary. 

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Apryle's Army ad help us provide hope, healing, restoration and peace for those undergoing treatment for cancer.


Thank you!



My Contributors

Keith Fammartino $250.00
Name Undisclosed $50.00
Ehsanollah Bayat $1,000.00
Donna & Dave Weitz $25.00
Ron Bryan $100.00
Greg Weitz $50.00