Apryle Showers Run - Florida's Fastest 10K and Kids Fun Run

Ponte Vedra, FL

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Top Individuals

Albie MacDonald $3,400.00
Jonathan Fleetwood $2,760.00
Greg Weitz $1,475.00
Todd Osterbur $1,450.00
Brian Dean $1,035.00
Ryan Harrison $220.00
Heather Harding $200.00
Dan costello $150.00
Stephanie kaul $50.00
John Smith $30.00

Top Teams

Jonathan Fleetwood


The Apryle Showers Foundation (ASF) is a Florida 501C3 non-profit organization serving individuals, ages 30-55, currently undergoing treatment for cancer in Northeast Florida.  ASF offers services that help foster hope, healing, restoration and peace to people fighting for their lives.       

By participating as a member of the Apryle’s Army I am raising funds to support the mission of the ASF.  Your donation will help provide beneficiaries with a 2-3 day stay at beachfront / waterfront (hotel or rental) properties; complete with meals, a gift basket and a variety of relaxation or personal care items. They can choose time with their families or time alone based on the needs of the beneficiary.

Please make a donation in support of my efforts with Apryle’s Army and help us all provide hope, healing, restoration and peace for those undergoing treatment for cancer.

Will you help me raise funds to reach my $1,000 goal to support this wonderful cause?

Thanks you!


My Contributors

Charlyn Barrett $200.00
Cynthia Eades $50.00
Mary Waggoner $50.00
Brian Fleetwood $25.00
Lori Efferson $50.00
Brian Kerns $50.00
Name Undisclosed $150.00
Mary Shuda $50.00
Monique Hardie $25.00
Nancy Mull $20.00
Christina Castro $25.00
Southern Oak Insurance Company $500.00
Fidus Roofing & Construction LLC $500.00
Amy Mergen & Paul Waitrovich $100.00
Ronda McPherson $25.00
Charleen Bearup $50.00
Denise Thrower $25.00
Sharon Walker $40.00
James Beneda $100.00
Name Undisclosed $25.00
jerome alba $25.00
Shawn McKim $100.00
Gregory Lawrenz $50.00
Mark Walden $100.00
Katie Hazes $100.00
ryan thibodaux $50.00
William Powers $25.00
Terry and Jane Wood $50.00
Jeff Tucker $50.00
Michael Cloin $75.00
Matthew Nelson $50.00
Jonathan Fleetwood $25.00