Apryle Showers Run - Florida's Fastest 10K and Kids Fun Run

Ponte Vedra, FL

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Top Individuals

Albie MacDonald $3,400.00
Jonathan Fleetwood $2,760.00
Greg Weitz $1,475.00
Todd Osterbur $1,450.00
Brian Dean $1,035.00
Ryan Harrison $220.00
Heather Harding $200.00
Dan costello $150.00
Stephanie kaul $50.00
John Smith $30.00

Top Teams

MacDonalds fight cancer

MacDonalds Fight Cancer

I am raising money to help those fighting for their lives battling cancer. Your donations will go a long way in helping families across Northeast Florida find hope, peace, and restoration by allowing the Apryle Showers Foundation to get them out of the daily grind of treatment and spend time with loved ones. My mission is to raise 2000.00 which is the cost of helping one family.  I am grateful for every donation no matter how large or small as I know the impact the foundations mission has on the beneficaries we serve. Thank you for supporting the Apryle Showers Foundation.



My Contributors

Greg and Christine Bradshaw $200.00
Virginia Hoover $50.00
Todd Bashan $200.00
Fran MacDonald $100.00
Jake and Tina Araman $250.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
Joe Siragusa $250.00
Anonymous $100.00
Jonathan Shikes $50.00
Chris Conroy $500.00
Andrew Hessong $100.00
Andrew Meyer $250.00
Martin Christ $100.00
Mark Summers $250.00
Erik Huss $100.00
Mike Beaulieu $500.00
Riley Rindo $100.00
Albie MacDonald $200.00