Apryle Showers Run - Florida's Fastest 10K and Kids Fun Run

Ponte Vedra, FL

Campaign Information


Top Individuals

Albie MacDonald $3,400.00
Jonathan Fleetwood $2,760.00
Greg Weitz $1,475.00
Todd Osterbur $1,450.00
Brian Dean $1,035.00
Ryan Harrison $220.00
Heather Harding $200.00
Dan costello $150.00
Stephanie kaul $50.00
John Smith $30.00

Top Teams


  1. I am a proud member of the Apryle Showers Race Committee and it is esteem pleasure to lead a team of elite Apryle’s Army team members.  I would be honored if you would join my team and be a part of an amazing foundation giving back to our Northeast Florida families needing hope, healing and restoration as they face challenging health issues.   Thank you in advance for your time, assistance and donations. 


Love Brian Dean


My Contributors

Aaron Bacus $100.00
Albie MacDonald $250.00
Robin Gray $100.00
Samantha Lowery $310.00
Sean Hynes $100.00
Marcy Stoudt $150.00
Brian Dean $25.00